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I have written about two main types of business families. The first type is comprised of members that all have the same area of expertise, while the other type is comprised of members with different areas of expertise. As I mentioned before, both types are effective depending on what entrepreneurial venture you want to attempt.

However, even if you have already established your business family, there are some extra “services” that will be essential to helping you create your fortune. First, you must possess EXCELLENT networking skills! Do not be afraid of making contacts, meeting new people, and taking a chance. Through networking, my business family member and I obtained a meeting with the Vice President of Restaurant Development with one of the LARGEST hotel corporations in the United States. How do you network? Well, let’s start with the small and work our way to the big. Start small with people you work with, live near, go to school with, and/or associate with. These people are your base level. Think of it as six degrees of separation; you know somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody, who knows, for example, the President of the United States. Well, maybe not the President, but somebody important, established, and/or looking for a big investment. Next, go BIG! Start with people you have never met. The Internet is a very useful tool for this. Start a webpage, like I did, where you can meet like-minded individuals who are looking to make a lot of money and want to do it now! You will be surprised who you meet and what you will accomplish.

Second, have at least one IDEA person. The fact that we are new entrepreneurs means that we have not yet established ourselves in the financial community. If you have average ideas, you will get below average interest in your ideas. If you have above average ideas, you will get only average interest in your ideas, but if you have EXCELLENT ideas, you will get ABOVE AVERAGE interest in your ideas! Your interest factor will always be a step lower than the idea potential. However, once you have established yourself in the financial community, the sky is the limit!

Last, and most importantly, have a good relationship with a MARKETING COMPANY! I deal exclusively with one that operates out of Las Vegas, Nevada. They have been my backbone in creating interest and networking in my entrepreneurial journey. Will it cost money? The answer is YES, but as the old saying goes, “it takes money to make money!” You have to be willing to make the investment in yourself now, or you will always wonder “what if?” Now is not the time to be “Captain Conservative” with your finances. Does this mean take every chance you can? ABSOLUTELY NOT! As I stated in previous postings, you have to choose carefully when selecting an entrepreneurial venture. However, as I mentioned before, as entrepreneurs, we established long ago that we are willing to take a risk, and what better risk to take then an investment in yourself?

Remember, an investment in yourself is the safest and most prepared investment one can make! As Alexander Graham Bell once said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”