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by M. Angioni II

Many of the postings on this website discuss real estate, banking/financial institutions, and other common investments that are know to most entrepreneurs. However, because we are new entrepreneurs, we need to create NEW investments!

Many investors invest money and time into a project. When one buys a piece of real estate, one spends his/her time evaluating the property, discussing and negotiating terms, and preparing and signing contracts. After all of that time is invested, money now has to be invested to conclude the deal. These two elements are very common in the entrepreneurial world. Time and money; time and money; time and money! This is all entrepreneurs hear! “You have to invest a lot of time and money to make this business work!” I do not entirely agree with that common statement, but there is some truth to it. The point is, we as new entrepreneurs need to (at the risk of promoting a cliché) THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

You may be asking, “WHATS THE POINT? GET TO THE POINT!!” The point, my fellow business community members, is that if you/me/us/we ONLY invest time and money into a project, we are extremely limited in our choice of investment. The entire premise of being an entrepreneur is that we do not fall in line; we do not conform to the conventional; and we break boundaries and borders in order to pioneer an idea, product, or state of mind!

Keeping that in mind, many people are interested in the “entertainment arts.” In other words, many new entrepreneurs are interested in the music and acting industries. This is a GREAT road to travel! I respect and congratulate any person who wants to invest in these types of projects, not only as silent or active partner, but as the actual talent; the actual musician or actor/actress. However, I do NOT want to mislead. Entrepreneurs that have picked this road have a very hard and bumpy expedition in front of them, but, like any risky investment, the payoff can be HUGE!

Now, let’s tie these two points together. People who wish to undertake this type of venture need to invest more than just the traditional time and money! Do not be afraid! This additional commitment is what makes being a new entrepreneur lots of fun!

In addition to time and money, one has to invest two other things. First, one has to invest his/her TALENT. If you wish to pursue a music or acting career, your talent is your biggest asset! Whereas you capital may help you invest in a real estate project, your musical or acting abilities are your capital in the “entertainment arts.” Second, one must be willing to invest his/her HEART! That may sound “cheesy,” but truer words have never been spoken. Unlike a traditional investment, like real estate, emotional attachment to the project is a must! If you do not believe me, ask yourself this question, “do you really expect people to buy, watch, or listen to your music/movie/stage performance if no feeling is involved?” The correct answer is NO! Truthfully, how many people do you know listen to music they like or watch a movie they like without getting emotionally involved. THE ANSWER, ZERO! Everybody who likes the artist they are watching or listening to creates an emotional response from each person. Whether that response is sadness, happiness, thrill, excitement, mellowness, calmness, and/or motivation, to name a few; the point is an emotional response is created, and therefore, fans are created! NO FANS, NO MONEY, bottom line!

Besides investing you time, money, talent, and heart, you must act as an entrepreneur in this business to remain successful. If you are the artist, always remember that no matter how big the paycheck, your art is still a JOB! If you stop singing or acting, the money stops coming. Although it is true that royalties may trickle in from time to time, the “main money” is gone if you stop. We have all seen how people can make millions on one job, and be broke in just a few years. Is this how you want to live? How would you like to be a millionaire that IS WORRIED whether or not he/she will be broke next month?! The whole point of wealth is that one does not have to worry about money!

If you are an artist you also have to be an entrepreneur. When you first start out in the business, people may try to take advantage of you. Watch out for these people, because there will be more than you think. Does this mean that all agents and/or managers will try to take advantage of you? Of course not, but you do have to create income through more than just your talent. Think of yourself as a professional athlete without a contract. When a pro athlete gets injured, in most sports, he/she gets paid even if injured. The same is NOT true in your business! If you do not make a record, movie, etc., you do not get paid!

Making it “big” should be your first concern, but when money starts coming in, DO NOT ASSUME that it will continue forever. Many big musicians and actors spin their fame into clothing products, perfumes/colognes, and restaurants. Investments of that magnitude may be further in the future, but “chance favors the well-prepared mind!” You do not have to be a millionaire to invest in real estate, an internet business, or a magazine; just to name a few ideas.

Musicians and actors/actress need to be entrepreneurs their whole career. The best way to avoid risk is to diversify. If you do not make a record, movie, etc. this year, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your magazine endorsement and your real estate investments are going to pay your bills for the next three years?

A few of the above written paragraphs may sound cynical, but for those of you new entrepreneurs that chose this path, you have a long, hard journey ahead and “sugar-coating” it will make it harder. If you go into this investment project with the mindset of an entrepreneur and the talent of an artist, you will do fine!

As French essayist Luc de Clapiers Vauvenargues once said, “[g]reat success is commoner than great abilities!”

Note from M. Angioni II

I would like to thank David from Music Talks Sessions for inspiring me to write this piece. He is a member of our business community and may be able to provide more insight on this perspective. Visit his website;