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Multiple Streams of Income: The Internet Part 10

Recently, there has been a large emergence of Adsense revenue sharing websites. The concept is simple. Like many other websites, you submit content (articles, videos, podcasts, blog entries, pictures, etc.). The difference with the regular websites is that the webmaster takes one hundred percent (100%) of the Adsense revenue. You get the benefits of backlinks, reputation, and traffic building, but you do not actually share in any of the advertisement revenue.

With Adsense revenue sharing websites, you still get the backlinks, reputation, and traffic building benefits of other content submission websites, however, these revenue sharing websites also give you a percentage (usually fifty percent (50%) or more) of advertising revenue. These websites are easy enough to find and usually have a submission procedure similar to the other content submission websites.

Here is how it works. For each piece of content you submit, you get one (1) point. The more content you submit, the more points you get. Usually, you have to submit a certain amount of content before you can earn your percentage of advertising revenue. The more content you submit, the more your articles will show up and thus the higher percentage you have of getting paid, and the more you get paid.

You may be wondering how these websites track your Adsense advertisements. All of these websites have a section where you submit your Adsense publisher ID. This may freak you out, but can be worth it in the long run. This is allowed by Google, and can be safe if you do a little research into the websites to which you are submitting. Be careful about who you give your Adsense publisher ID to because you do not want your ID to be misused.

Ultimately, the choice of whether or not to participate in these websites is up to you. These websites are just like other content submission websites except you can make more money. If you do a little research and make sure the websites are credible, you literally have zero risk.

I have one last note for you. Although other advertisement programs (such as Adbrite) exist, I have only seen revenue sharing websites use Google Adsense. Therefore, if you do not have a Google Adsense account yet, I suggest you get one ASAP. Sign up is easy and your website will be reviewed quickly. Just know that there is a waiting period before you get an Adsense account.

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