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Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites

Many article submission websites exist. I have provided many of them in previous posts and many more are still to come. However, Adsense revenue sharing websites also exist. When you submit your articles to these websites, you also submit your Adsense publisher ID.

If you do not have an Adsense publisher ID, then you have to get one from Google by submitting you website for approval. Once approved by Google, you will get an Adsense publisher ID.

As you are all well aware, when you submit an article to websites, your rewards are backlinks, page hits, and reputation building. However, if you want to make any money, people have to visit your website. With Adsense revenue sharing websites, when you submit articles, Google Adsense advertisements appear next to your article. When a person clicks on these advertisements, you get paid on these clicks. For providing these services, the webmaster takes a percentage of the Adsense revenue, usually between 10-50%.

If you do not feel like sharing, then you do not have to submit to these sites and you can benefit from submitting to a traditional article submission site. However, submitting to both of these types of article submission websites will produce the benefits of both. Check out these sites if you want more information:

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