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Blogging is a great way to create income online. As I have written in the past, blogging can produce several income streams from the internet. However, blogging also creates an information stream for people. You would be amazed how much information you can obtain from reading blogs.

Before I attempted to create a revenue stream from blogging , I did a little research. At first, I randomly surfed around the internet. I found some interesting websites, but for the most part, these websites offered very little useful information. It was not until I started looking at blogs that I acquired relevant information about producing income online through blogging.

My goal was to create as much income as possible from the internet while spending as little money as possible. Blogging was my first and best choice. Blogging creates the benefits of a website without all of the liabilities.

Recently, an income stream used by bloggers has been criticized in the news. That income stream is blog advertising. Blogging purists and others believe that blog advertising is deceitful because the links to an advertiser’s product are “concealed” in the blog post. I do not agree with this criticism. More often than not, blog advertising companies require that you disclose when you are advertising in a post. Therefore, there are no hidden advertisements, nothing is “concealed,” and nothing is wrong. If these people do not want to make money off their blog, that is great. However, these people should not criticize others for trying to create revenue from information and/or thoughts posted on a blog. Nobody forces anybody to read blogs. Therefore, to all the critics out there, worry about your own blog and your own audience. You can keep your blogging “pure.” Just know that me and people like me are going to try to create a revenue stream from our blog.