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Cool Financial Calculator Website

I was reading some financial news yesterday and happen to stumble upon a really cool website. This website had any and every type and kind of financial calculator you could think of.

Every calculator was 100% free to use and could even be imported onto your website or personal profile page. And, when I tell you they have every financial calculator you can think of, I mean it! It is important to note, however, that using the calculators are free, but if you want to put one on your website, it is going to cost money.

The website is You definitely need to check it out. I do not believe that this website is really well know, therefore, if you do not feel comfortable as to the quality or accuracy of these calculators (I am not saying that they are inaccurate, and I have never had a problem with using them), is a pretty cool financial website that has a financial calculator option. Bankrate is not a pure financial calculator site like is, but is more popular.

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