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Success - How Much of it is Luck?

As the famous saying goes, “I would rather be lucky than good.” However, your definition of success is going to make the difference as to whether luck is even an option. For example, if your definition of success is to have millions of dollars, then luck has played, and will play, a big role in the lives of many. Lottery winners, gamblers, game show contestants, etc., have received large amounts of money primarily through luck. Therefore, if “success” to you is defined by millions of dollars, you would love to have a little luck!

My definition of success is a little different. My definition of success is overarching. I follow the “health, happiness, and wealth” model. If you do not have your health, then you have nothing. It is that simple. What good are millions of dollars if you are too sick to enjoy them? Additionally, what good is money is you are miserable with your life? I only want a few things out of life. First, I want my family and me to be in great health at all times. Second, I want my family and me to be happy together and apart. Lastly, I would like to be wealthy. So how does luck play into my model? Truthfully, it really does not. You cannot be lucky and being a good family person. You cannot be lucky at being happy with your life. These are things you cannot fake.

Luck can play a small part in your travels and experiences towards achieving “success,” but if your definition of success is anything like my definition of success, you need to work on the more important things in life. Then, when you realize you have a great life, you will notice that making money becomes a whole lot easier. Take care of yourself and your family first; the money will eventually come into the picture. That is how I measure success.

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