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Evaluating the Need for Credit Cards

If you have endless cash, you will never have a need for credit. You will never have to take out a loan because you will always have the money to cover any cost. However, many people do not have this option.

As a general rule, you should not purchase something on credit if you cannot afford to pay for the item in cash. This does not mean that you have to have the entire amount in cash currently available. This means that you have to be able to use your cash, without financial strain, to pay off the bill.

In this day and age, credit cards are essential for building your credit score. Why is this important? Like I said, if you have endless cash, this is not a problem. However, like most of the people in this country, a big purchase, like a house, if something that cannot be afforded if cash was required. Therefore, in order to qualify for a big loan (like a house, car, etc.) we have to build our creditworthiness. Building your creditworthiness is accomplished by raising your credit score. Raising your credit score is accomplished by the correct use of credit cards.

Therefore, the need for credit cards is important in order to be able to afford shelter for yourself and your family and to provide a convenient mode of transportation. If used correctly, credit cards can be a very powerful financial tool. Learn to use your credit cards correctly and you will be able to open financial doors that would otherwise remain closed to you.

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