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Is it Possible to Live Without Money?

Technically, it is possible to live without money. One can barter for necessary items such as food, water, clothing, and shelter. However, this is more true in earlier times than in today’s modern society.

This question is more important in the context of determining what is important to you. Think of this question more as a “would you rather” situation. For example, would you rather be rich or happy? Therefore, the question of “is it possible to live without money” is more metaphorical. In my opinion, it is possible to live without money as long as myself and my family are healthy and happy. Keep in mind that I am not saying that I do not want money or wealth. If I am able to obtain all three (health, happiness, and wealth), I will do everything in my power to achieve.

The purpose of the question is to make you think. Think about what you are willing to do, sacrifice, or compromise in order to obtain your ambitions. Think about whether the things you are compromising or sacrificing are more important that the things you are compromising or sacrificing it for. In other words, do the means justify the ends?

Think about this carefully or you could be giving up more than you obtain.

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