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Testimonies: How Debt Can Make You Feel

Okay, time to confess a secret. At one point of in my life, I could no longer manage my debt. I did not file for bankruptcy and all the debt is now paid off (it was all credit card debt), but there was a time when I did not know what I was going to do.

The constant worry is a nightmare. You never know how you are going to pay next months bills, and you are always wondering how long you can keep it up. The funny thing about credit card debt is that it does not suddenly appear. It is a process over many months. You keep spending and paying the minimum balance. Before you know it, your cards are maxed out, and paying the minimum no longer works because the interest on your balance is more than the minimum payment.

I had trouble sleeping and when I did sleep, I would have dreams where I would lose my teeth. I looked at that particular dream in a dream dictionary and found out that dreaming about losing your teeth means financial hardship. Crazy, huh?

I decided to do something to change my situation. My solution was to do debt consolidation. The advantages were that my debt was consolidated into one, low monthly payment and that the interest rates on the credit cards were reduced. Therefore, I was able to pay down the balance a lot quicker. The disadvantage is that once you choose this option, the credit card accounts that are included in the consolidation are closed. The disadvantage of this is that it negatively affects your credit rating. Your credit rating is not substantially lowered, but the decrease is noticeable. Additionally, when you are enrolled in the debt consolidation program, a note appears on your credit report that your are enrolled in a debt consolidation program.

This is how I dealt with the debt. Today, I am very responsible with my credit. My credit score has been completely revitalized, plus more, and I am debt free. Being debt free is the best feeling. Have you ever been in a similar situation? How did you deal with it or are you still dealing with it?

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