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Ways to Deal with Junk Mail Credit Card Offers

You will notice, if you have not already, that once your credit score gets high enough, you will receive nonstop credit card offers from all over the place. Some of the cards offer laughably high interest rates. I ask, if my credit score is good, why oh why would I accept a card with an interest rate of 15% or higher?

If you already have all the credit cards that you want, simply dispose of these offers. However, in order to limit the possibility of identity theft, you should shred these offers in a cross cut paper shredder. If you do not have such a machine, you should rip up, or cut up with scissors, all of the offers you do not want and dispose of the pieces into separate trash cans throughout your home. Chances are, you empty the various trashcans in your house at different times. Additionally, you probably have two trash pickup days a week in your neighborhood. Therefore, some pieces of an offer will be in one trash, while other pieces of the same offer will be in another trash.

Of course there is absolutely no way to entirely prevent identity theft, but you will be making near impossible for an identity thief to achieve his/her purpose by disposing of these credit card offers in this way.

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