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The Importance of Building a Good Credit History

There are many reasons as to why people should strive to build a good credit history. First and foremost, a good credit history is an important financial asset to possess in order to obtain the big loans (i.e. a mortgage, a car loan, and/or a college loan, to name a few) in life. Additionally, beyond qualifying for these kinds of loans, the interest that you will have to pay for any such loan is an important factor to consider when getting the loan. If your credit is good, your interest rate will be lower and thus, make the loan a more attractive option for you.

Of course, these loans will not be a concern to some people. Some people rent (however, renting a place by yourself does require a credit check, therefore, if your credit report is bad, you may be denied the lease. If you do rent and do not want to have your credit history checked, you are going to have to have roommates, or have the apartment rented in the name of another person who is willing to be the primary tenant on the lease and who trusts you enough to make the monthly payments on time.). Some people buy cars for cash, get scholarships to college, or never go to college, and some people will never take out a loan. There are not many of these people. However, if you are one, or are striving to become such a person, there is another reason as to why you should have a good credit history.

What started in a minority of companies is now basically common practice. Many companies will check the credit history of all new employee applicants. These companies believe that the credit history of a person can determine, among other things, the responsibility level of a person and the true intention as to a person’s reason for applying for a job. A bad credit history will not be the end-all factor that prevents you from getting a job, however, many companies take your credit history into consideration when determining who to hire. Do not start with a disadvantage because you have a bad credit history.

Even though some of you may think that debt is evil and that there is no possibility of you ever taking out a loan or otherwise using credit and therefore do not care about your credit history, remember that there are many companies out there that check your credit. If you do not strive for a good credit history because of the financial benefits, at the very least, a good credit history could get you the job that you want. Therefore, a good credit history is in your best interest.

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