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Multiple Streams of Income: The Internet Part 1

Let me start by saying that this multiple streams of income series is going to be long. There are going to be many posts over many days, but all should provide help and usefulness. We start with the Internet.

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. Some have very specialized education, some are high school dropouts. However, all entrepreneurs share one distinct quality. That quality is the drive, the motivation, the desire to better our current situation. All of us share a deep seeded passion to create a better life for ourselves and our loved ones. As such, we have the talent to succeed in whatever venture we choose. Do not be discouraged if you lack a formal education or are attempting an investment in a new field. As long as you possess that deep seeded passion to achieve greatness, at whatever level, you will find your version of success.

On that note, we begin with the Internet and the most obvious question, “Do I need a website?” There are two ways to approach this problem. You can either spend money or try it for free. Do not get me wrong, I firmly believe the old adage that “it takes money to make money,” however, if you are a new entrepreneur, you may not have much money to invest. As such, you will want to conserve your money for your most important purchases. Therefore, why pay for a website when you can get one for free? A free website will most likely come in the form of a blog.

The word “blog” is an abbreviation for the phrase “web log.” Think of a blog as an Internet diary that the whole world can read. People post personal thoughts, ideas, conversation, or whatever they want in order to share with the world. However, as blogging has become more popular, people have used blogs as a marketing tool. For those of you that want to save some cash, you should check out (1) Blogger; (2) Wordpress; (3) MySpace; and (4) Live Journal to name a few. If you do not like any of these just search the terms “free blog” in the search engine of your choice.

Advantages of Blogging
• It is usually free
• Easy to use
• Many services and products to assist you in blog formation and creation
• Easy to find help with questions

Disadvantages of Blogging
• Your website will have a subname. For example, your website will not be Instead, you site will likely not have a “www” prefix or will have a name like
• Harder to create multiple pages
• Webpage look usually limited to available templates

The choice is up to you. Buying a website can be expensive depending on the hosting you choose and whether or not you are competent with website design. Blogs provide a great alternative and are usually free. Do your homework and figure out which is better for your needs and wants.

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