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Multiple Streams of Income: The Internet Part 2

Instead of trying to pitch a specific product, I am going to give you many different options in which you invest your time and talents and can achieve a cash return. Keep in mind that most of these options will not make you a millionaire, however, all will provide you with some extra dollars if you have the desire to pursue them. Further, I am not saying that you cannot become a millionaire with the following options, all I am saying is that in order to achieve that level of income, you have much hard work to accomplish!

As I stated in my previous post, there are many options one can pursue in order to obtain multiple streams of income. We are still talking about the Internet. In this post, I will give you an overview of just some of the options available. In subsequent posts, I will discuss each one in depth.

The word “blog” is an abbreviation for the phrase “web log.” Think of a blog as an Internet diary that the whole world can read. People post personal thoughts, ideas, conversation, or whatever they want in order to share with the world. However, as blogging has become more popular, people have used blogs as a marketing tool. The more traffic you obtain, the higher your potential income may become. In order to obtain income from traffic, you can sell a product on your blog, advertise, Google Adsense, and/or AdBrite to name a few. All of these options provide viable options that will monetize your website.

In order to find a blog service that you like, just search the terms “free blog” in the search engine of your choice. If you are interested in a subject and can write, you possess the elements necessary to start a blog. Most importantly, blogging is free and the tools available to monetize your blog are usually free!

Article Writing
Another way to make extra money is to write articles for websites like Helium. Using services likes this will do two things. First, your writing skills will become more refined, and second, you will market your name and your blog thus obtaining more traffic and a good reputation. These two benefits will help you obtain dollars and will also drive traffic to your blog.

Affiliate Marketing
By utilizing websites like ClickBank, you can sell products on your blog for a commission. Selling these products are easy because all you do is provide the link. If your traffic clicks on these links, they are redirected to the product’s pitch page and thus does all the work for you.

Multi-level Marketing
In the spirit of not promoting any specific product, I will not mention any names; however, multi-level marketing can be a powerful weapon to wield in the Internet jungle. It is important that you find an opportunity that is FREE or nearly free AND that provides income to members mostly on sales and not on referrals! If a company focuses too much of its pay-outs on referrals, you may be looking at an illegal pyramid scheme and should avoid the scam at all costs!

Blog Advertising
By utilizing websites like,, and, you can make money by writing about a product and posting your writing on your blog. These services are free and very easy to use. The only disadvantage is that your blog has to meet certain requirements of Google page rank, traffic, and/or number of posts. Read the requirements and make sure you meet them before you sign up!

AdSense and AdBrite
These services post advertisements on your blog or website. Every time a visitor to your blog or website clicks on one of these advertisements, you get paid. Keep in mind that the pay ranges from $.05 to $5.00+ and are only really profitable if you have a lot of traffic coming to your blog or website. However, free money is free money and should not be passed up!

Many Internet survey sites exist that will pay you to take surveys. is one such site. Like I said, I will not promote one specific product, so search the terms “paid surveys” in your favorite search engine to see what results. Most of these services will award you points for taking a survey. Once you acquire enough points, you can exchange them for cash. This opportunity will not make you rich, but like I said, extra money never hurts!

Check out all these opportunities and see how much you can make!

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