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Multiple Streams of Income: The Internet Part 3

Now that you have your website and/or blog, you have to drive traffic to your site in order to profit. How do you do this? Article submission is one way to accomplish this task. Article submission is a key way to generate backlinks and traffic.

By submitting articles to various free article directories, three benefits occur. First, you start to establish yourself as an “expert” in the field in which you are writing. Second, you acquire back-links to your website and/or blog. Third, you acquire traffic.

Establishing yourself as an expert will help build your reputation and status. Article writing is the most effective and efficient way to “build a buzz.” Many free articles directories exist and most are easy to navigate and easy to submit. Search the terms “free article directory” in your favorite search engine. You may be surprised by how many sites result. If you search these terms, you should find hundreds upon hundreds of websites that publish articles. Certain software like Instant Article Submitter, 30 Minute Article Writing System, and Article Directory Pro will help you easily create and submit articles. These programs do cost a little money but are well worth it if you want quick results. Making money on the Internet does not have to be hard, and it can be easy if you are willing to invest a little money and a little time.

Backlinks are important for building your Google pagerank and your Technorati rank (for blogs). A Google page rank is important because it determines how high your internet site and/or blog appears on the Google search engine. You must become indexed in all the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) also, but more on that later. Backlinks are links that are incoming. In other words, a backlink occurs when other websites put your link on their page. This is different from a reciprocal link because in a reciprocal link, your webpage links to a site and that site links back to your page. If you still do not understand, use this link to get a better understanding of backlinks . The more backlinks and links you have (depending on your links’ pageranks) the higher you should appear when your keyword(s) are searched in Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Submitting articles to various article submission websites will help you accomplish all of this.

Traffic on the internet is like location for a restaurant. Have you ever heard the saying, “location, location, location,” in the context of opening a new restaurant? Well, on the Internet, it is all about traffic, traffic, traffic!. Article submission helps you acquire traffic. Once you place you link in an article, an interested reader will click and be brought to your website, or any other website of your choosing. In order to obtain the largest amount of money from your internet site, you need traffic!

On a side note, you should visit Helium . This article submission site, allows you to submit articles, provide a link to your website, and pays you a percentage of all the revenue that Helium collects. Sign-up and submission are both free. Check it out because it is another way to create an income stream.

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