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Multiple Streams of Income: The Internet Part 9

Link exchange websites can help you get links. The more links you have on your website, the higher your PageRank may be. As I have stated before, a higher PageRank means your website shows up higher on search engine results.

There are three ways to acquire links: (1) you can pay for them; (2) you can join a free link exchange; and/or (3) you can manually add links.

Paying for links has its ups and downs. Usually, when you buy links you receive a massive amount at one time. What basically happens is you buy a webpage/website that has a couple thousand backlinks linked to it. The problem with this method, other than it costing a lot of money, is that you never really know what kind of links you are getting.

Joining a free link exchange also has positives and negatives. To find a free link exchange service, search the phrase “free link exchange” in your favorite search engine. Once you have found a site, you have to avoid many pitfalls in order to successfully acquire quality links. When you join a free link exchange, you usually have to submit your website/blog for approval. Once approved, you can begin exchanging links with other websites. The problem with free link exchanges is that the link exchanges are reciprocal . In other words, for you to place your link on another’s webpage/blog, you have to place their link on your webpage/blog. This is vastly different from a backlink .

You may be wondering why a reciprocal link exchange can be bad. The problem with a reciprocal link exchange is that you have to know what you are exchanging. A link for a link is NOT an even trade! Let me explain. Suppose your website/blog has a PageRank of 7 and the person you are exchanging with has a PageRank of 2. The 2 gets much more benefit from the link exchange than you do. Additionally, links have to be relevant to your website. Remember, you are trying to drive traffic! If you exchange links with somebody who sells dog food on their website and you provide real estate advice on yours, neither of you will benefit! Why would the dog food site’s visitors click on your link?! A link of this nature is NOT going to raise your website/blog in the search engine results rankings. In fact, your PageRank may be adversely affected if you reciprocal link to too many websites/blogs that have a lower PageRank than you.

The last method for obtaining links is to get them manually. This is the HARDEST and MOST TIME CONSUMING. However, despite these downfalls, this is my favorite method. As I discussed in previous posts (Part 3 and Part 4) article submission is a great way to create backlinks. Another way to acquire links is to personally ask webmasters of other websites/blogs. This is usually done through e-mail. This is even more time consuming than article submission and is harder to police. You never know when the other website/blog will remove your link. Therefore, you have to constantly check the other sites to insure that your link is still there.

All in all, I still believe article submission to be the very best way to acquire effective, quality backlinks. Instead of submitting articles one-by-one to the hundreds, if not thousands, of websites that exist, you need use an automated program. Article Marketing Domination is a great guide that shows you how to maximize your search engine results ranking using article submissions. Article Marketing Domination has two great qualities. First, if you purchase the product, you get automated article submission software as a FREE gift; and second, the whole program costs under $30! $30 is nothing! $30 is a night for two at the movies. Think about it like this. For $30, you and a friend can spend about 2 hours watching a movie that may or may not be entertaining, OR you can purchase a great product, ready to download, that can make you a limitless amount of money. By using Article Marketing Domination, you could easily make back your $30 investment with just one article! The choice is a no-brainer for me, but I have met people that make “questionable” decisions about their financial future. Whatever you decide, definitely take advantage of article submission in order to grow you backlinks, PageRank, and ultimately your traffic!

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Multiple Streams of Income: The Internet Part 8

Traffic generation is an important tactic to master. The more traffic you have coming to your site, the better your conversion ratio should be. I say “should” because traffic alone is not enough. Website content, ad placement, and follow-ups are just as, if not more important than traffic.

Think about it like this. If a visitor comes to your website but does not like what he/she reads, will that person come back? Obviously, the answer is no. On the other hand, a visitor may love your content and return repeatedly. However, if your ad placement is bad and you do not follow-up, you essentially cut off streams of income that could be producing tons of dollars!

Many ways exist to obtain traffic. If you have read my previous posts, you know that article submission (which creates backlinks) generates traffic. Other ways to obtain traffic are:

(1) Link exchange;

(2) Search Engine Submission;

(3) Search Engine Optimization;

(4) Viral Marketing; and

(5) Friend Networks (MySpace, FaceBook, etc.)

The above list is not exhaustive. However, it does list some powerful methods for obtaining website traffic.

Each of the above methods will be covered in subsequent posts. Note that these methods are time consuming and will take some diligence before you see results if you choose to do each manually. Options do exist that will significantly reduce the time you spend on these tasks and at the same time will increase your traffic. Less time and more traffic is far better than more time and less traffic!

Currently, over 50 MILLION website are on the Internet. How would you like your website to be #10,000? I know that being # 10,000 does not sound that good, however, to put this into perspective, if your website is #10,000 in traffic ranking for all websites, this means that you are generating hundreds of thousands if not MILLIONS of visitors per month! Could you imagine if you had that many visitors to your website?

If you would like this much traffic, you sound definitely check out Michael’s Traffic Videos! These videos cover every aspect of traffic generation that you can think of. Would you like your traffic rank to look like this:

The proof is in the numbers! Additionally, the best of this program is that one video shows you how to get 100,000 FREE Ad Impressions. FREE is always a nice word to hear when you are trying to create income.

Michael’s Traffic Videos will help you achieve these traffic numbers! Create traffic, make money. What could be easier?

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Multiple Streams of Income: The Internet Part 7

Adsense and Adbrite are two programs you can use to monetize your website or blog. Put simply, all you do is copy code into your website and advertisements will appear. Every time a visitor clicks on one of the ads, you will get paid. The price per click depends on the ads you are showing. Do not woory about having to learn HTML code or anything like that, because both Adsense and Adbrite are easy to use and offer step-by-step instructions.

Sign-up for Adsense and Adbrite are both FREE, so you have nothing to lose.

A couple of things you should note:

(1) Clicking on your on advertisements is considered “click fraud” and will result in an immediate cancellation of your account and any money due. DO NOT CLICK ON YOUR OWN ADS!

(2) Rules exist as to where and how many ads you can place on a webpage. Make sure you read the Terms of Service for both Adsense and Adbrite so that you do not get your account cancelled.

(3) The amount of traffic you bring to your website will help generate a steady Adsense and Adbrite income. The more traffic you get coming to your website, the better the chance that somebody will click on one of your ads. Therefore, TRAFFIC = INCOME. However, some exceptions apply.

It is important to note that traffic alone will NOT create a substantial income from Adsense and Adbrite. You have to know how to get people to click on advertisements. The Adsense Decoded Videos have gotten great reviews! The best part about the Adsense Decoded Videos is that it shows you how to turn a significant profit even if you do not have much traffic!

However, if you do not like to watch videos or learn better by reading, and want your information instantly, the Adsense Whizz Kid is also a great product. The best part about Adsense Whizz Kid is that you get a FREE 31 Page Report just for visiting the website!

Whatever you decide, take advantage of these of these programs so that you can build another, potentially massive, stream of internet income!

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Multiple Streams of Income: The Internet Part 6

Blog advertising is a quick and easy way for you to monetize your blog. Websites like PayPerPost, Blogsvertise, and Blogitive provide advertisement opportunities to bloggers. This is how it works:

(1) You register/submit your blog to one of these sites for approval;

(2) In order to become an “approved” blog after submission, you have to meet some “minimum standards” set-up by the webmaster. These “minimum standards” include a minimum Google PageRank, minimum Alexa ranking, minimum Technorati rating, a blog that has been active for at least thirty (30) days, and/or a minimum amount of posts, (usually twenty (20)) in the last ninety (90) days;

(3) Based on your PageRank, Alexa rank, etc., you will qualify for opportunities at a certain pay rate;

(4) Lastly, you accept one of the opportunities at the given pay rate by writing a post about a specific website and/or product and submitting it to the blog advertising website from which you accepted the opportunity.

If you do not fully understand how the procedure works, do not worry. Once you sign-up to one of the websites, it will give you thorough instructions. Advertising opportunities range anywhere from $5.00 to $1,000+ per post.

Most of these services use PayPal to pay you. Therefore, if you do not have a PayPal account, you will need to sign up for one.

Do not worry about signing-up for any of the blog advertising services or for PayPal, because all of them are FREE to sign-up.

A couple of closing points: these blog adverting services allow you to submit as many blogs as you have that meet their “minimum standards.” Setting up a new blog that meets the “minimum standards” can be VERY difficult and will take an enormous amount of time! Software, such as Easy Blogger Creator can help you literally build hundreds of unique blogs in a mere fraction of the time it would normally take. Can you imagine having one hundred (100) blogs posting the same advertisement for $10 each? That means you would make $1,000 for ONE opportunity! These blog advertising services have HUNDREDS of opportunities. You do the math!

Creating hundreds of unique blogs will also help you create hundreds, if not thousands, of unique backlinks. Remember, backlinks = higher rating in search engine results = MORE TRAFFIC! Easy Blogger Creator will be able to do all of this in the blink of an eye! Take advantage of this system and you could create a relatively large stream of income from blog advertising. Keep in mind that blog advertising is only one of many ways to monetize your blog. If you could make thousands of dollars from only this one stream, can you image the total you will make from your combined blogging streams? Easy Blogger Creator will help create this large streams so you can fully utilize blog advertising services.

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