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Multiple Streams of Income: The Internet Part 9

Link exchange websites can help you get links. The more links you have on your website, the higher your PageRank may be. As I have stated before, a higher PageRank means your website shows up higher on search engine results.

There are three ways to acquire links: (1) you can pay for them; (2) you can join a free link exchange; and/or (3) you can manually add links.

Paying for links has its ups and downs. Usually, when you buy links you receive a massive amount at one time. What basically happens is you buy a webpage/website that has a couple thousand backlinks linked to it. The problem with this method, other than it costing a lot of money, is that you never really know what kind of links you are getting.

Joining a free link exchange also has positives and negatives. To find a free link exchange service, search the phrase “free link exchange” in your favorite search engine. Once you have found a site, you have to avoid many pitfalls in order to successfully acquire quality links. When you join a free link exchange, you usually have to submit your website/blog for approval. Once approved, you can begin exchanging links with other websites. The problem with free link exchanges is that the link exchanges are reciprocal . In other words, for you to place your link on another’s webpage/blog, you have to place their link on your webpage/blog. This is vastly different from a backlink .

You may be wondering why a reciprocal link exchange can be bad. The problem with a reciprocal link exchange is that you have to know what you are exchanging. A link for a link is NOT an even trade! Let me explain. Suppose your website/blog has a PageRank of 7 and the person you are exchanging with has a PageRank of 2. The 2 gets much more benefit from the link exchange than you do. Additionally, links have to be relevant to your website. Remember, you are trying to drive traffic! If you exchange links with somebody who sells dog food on their website and you provide real estate advice on yours, neither of you will benefit! Why would the dog food site’s visitors click on your link?! A link of this nature is NOT going to raise your website/blog in the search engine results rankings. In fact, your PageRank may be adversely affected if you reciprocal link to too many websites/blogs that have a lower PageRank than you.

The last method for obtaining links is to get them manually. This is the HARDEST and MOST TIME CONSUMING. However, despite these downfalls, this is my favorite method. As I discussed in previous posts (Part 3 and Part 4) article submission is a great way to create backlinks. Another way to acquire links is to personally ask webmasters of other websites/blogs. This is usually done through e-mail. This is even more time consuming than article submission and is harder to police. You never know when the other website/blog will remove your link. Therefore, you have to constantly check the other sites to insure that your link is still there.

All in all, I still believe article submission to be the very best way to acquire effective, quality backlinks. Instead of submitting articles one-by-one to the hundreds, if not thousands, of websites that exist, you need use an automated program. Article Marketing Domination is a great guide that shows you how to maximize your search engine results ranking using article submissions. Article Marketing Domination has two great qualities. First, if you purchase the product, you get automated article submission software as a FREE gift; and second, the whole program costs under $30! $30 is nothing! $30 is a night for two at the movies. Think about it like this. For $30, you and a friend can spend about 2 hours watching a movie that may or may not be entertaining, OR you can purchase a great product, ready to download, that can make you a limitless amount of money. By using Article Marketing Domination, you could easily make back your $30 investment with just one article! The choice is a no-brainer for me, but I have met people that make “questionable” decisions about their financial future. Whatever you decide, definitely take advantage of article submission in order to grow you backlinks, PageRank, and ultimately your traffic!

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