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Legal Considerations for Entrepreneurs When Starting a Business

Entrepreneurs will face many hurdles when starting a new venture and/or business. Many will be tempted to plow right into the matter without first researching laws and regulations regarding their particular business.

I am going to let you in on a little secret, many entrepreneurs are dead before they even make their first sale! Why, you may ask? These entrepreneurs are in trouble because they made the classic mistake of not seeking the help of professionals. If you, as an entrepreneur, have the requisite knowledge of the law to begin and maintain your venture and/or business without fear of having done something inconsistent with the law, then you should be fine. However, most new entrepreneurs will just start a business without thinking of the ramifications of a bad contract, a badly negotiated lease, failure to properly incorporate and or organize, and/or failure to obtain financial assistance (whether it an accountant, financial advisor, bank, etc.), to name a few.

The most popular excuse used by entrepreneurs is that lawyers and accountants cost too much. Using this line of thinking, these people try to handle complex legal and financial matters for themselves and, most of the time, end up with a problem that will cost more to fix than it would have originally cost to avoid the problem. These types of entrepreneurs practice “stepping over dollars to pick up dimes.” I suggest you not be one of these entrepreneurs.

Do not fall into a legal and/or financial pit that could have been easily avoided. Starting a business is not as easy as opening the doors to your shop. There exists many state and federal considerations (whether they are taxes, permits, licenses, incorporation or organization or registration, proper accounting, employee matters, and/or stock issues, to name a few) an entrepreneur needs to consider before “starting a business.” Do not ruin your business before it starts by avoiding proper legal and financial assistance.

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