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Is it Possible to Define Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Entrepreneurial spirit is the motivation used to better yourself and/or others on your quest to achieve “success.” As far as the definition game goes, I believe that “success” is much harder to define and even harder to obtain that is entrepreneurial spirit.

Put simply, entrepreneurial spirit is motivation. Motivation to do what? That is a question that you have to answer. Nobody can tell you that you are an entrepreneur. Nobody can say, follow these steps and you’re an entrepreneur. Unlike traditional college programs, one cannot major in “entrepreneurialism.” You can take classes on the subject, but for the most part, a Business degree is as close as universities get to offering a major in entrepreneurialism. The point is, you have to find your own reason for choosing the path you chose, and then be responsible for maintaining the passion necessary to complete your quest.

A professor once told me, “an entrepreneur has only three characteristics, Passion, Passion, and Ego.” It was the first two characteristics (passion and passion) that really made me think. Two-thirds of being and maintaining yourself as an entrepreneur is having the passion to be an entrepreneur; having the passion to pursue the entrepreneurial dream; having the passion to think of an idea and see it through to fruition; just simply having the passion to do.

Only you can light the fire to pursue your dreams. School, experience, specialty courses, degrees, and the what not are all just tools to help prepare you for the journey. But, what good are these tools if you do not have the passion to use them? Talking is not action, and many would be entrepreneurs make this fatal mistake. If you want to do something, take action!

I have a friend who became very successful in the real estate business. He came from a similar educational and financial background as me, yet he has already achieved what I currently working toward. We were sitting down one day having coffee and I asked him, “How did you get the financing for your first real estate purchase?” He said, “If you want to get financing, go out and get it. That is what I did.”

My friend did not know anybody special. He did not have rich family members or any other type of monetary connection that I did not. His ace in the hole, his sole source of revenue was his passion. He had the passion to go out and get what he wanted. I am sorry to say that he had more passion than me or else I would have been in the same boat. However, all is not lost. I learned from our little conversation and am better off because of it.

Find your passion; find your “entrepreneurial spirit” and success will follow.

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