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Tips on Developing a Reputation as a Ubiquitous Businessperson

Ubiquitous is defined as "being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time." How does this help a businessperson's reputation? To be described as ubiquitous means that you can be in more than one place at once. It means that you can handle more than one situation at a time. Put simply, it means that you are a multitasker.

Is being able to multitask a good trait to possess? I believe it is. Being able to effectively complete more than one task at a time helps with efficiency. Efficiency equates to cost savings. Cost savings equate to higher profits. Higher profits equates to more money! Do you see a winning formula here?

Now back to the question at hand; how do you develop a reputation of being a multitasker? First, you have to know your limits. There are many characteristics that will help you in the business world, and you do not have to possess all of them to be successful. Develop the characteristics that play to your strengths. Do not try to bite off more than you can chew just because you want to show your ability to handle multiple tasks. Business partners, investors, and customers will be more concerned will quality than quantity. It makes more sense to do a great job on one project than a mediocre job on three projects. The reason this is true is because even though three jobs were "completed," they will probably have to be redone because of lack of quality. Having to redo things costs money and effectively negates the cost saving purpose of multitasking.

Second, if you evaluate your situation and think you can effectively handle more than one task at a time, try your hand at more responsibility. Start small and take on one additional, small task. For example, if your current project is in real estate investment and your task is to find financing, but you feel that financing will not be a hard project to effectively complete, you may want to take on another small project, such as finding renters (if you are going to hold the real estate).

Last, do not try to do everything yourself. This point is similar to my first point except for one difference. My first point was, do not multitask for the sake of multitasking. This third point is, once you have started multitasking and found that you can successfully do it, do not use this success as a motive to do everything. Nobody can do everything, and if you attempt to, two possibilities will result: (1) you will get "burned out" and not be able to effectively perform any task; or (2) you will not be able to complete all the tasks and some aspect of your project will "fall through."

Having the ability to multitask will be beneficial to your future success, however, only do so within your limits. Remember, effectively completing one task is better than partially completing multiple tasks. The whole point of multitasking is cost saving, and this only works if projects do not have to be redone. Be ubiquitous, but not irrational, and your reputation will develop accordingly.

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