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As a Manager, Is It important for Your Employees to Like You?

This is a matter of opinion. I personally believe that if your employees like you, they will be more willing to work hard for you. There is a delicate balance that needs to exist. The balance is between your employees liking you and being a friend to your employees. Just because somebody likes you does not necessarily mean that you are their friend or that they are your friend.

“Hanging out” with employees can lead to dangerous situations and possible trouble. Some employees that you do not hang out with may feel that you, as the manger, are “playing favorites” with the employees that are your “friends.” Others may feel that the relationship is inappropriate because it blurs the line between personal and business relationships.

Regardless of the danger of developing a friendship (I know it sounds funny, but it can be a problem), managers that are liked will be more effective, not because of some extraordinary management skill, but because the employees will be more willing to take the extra step, go the extra mile, work a little bit harder or longer, and treat the customers better. A positive work environment creates a positive employee. Positive employees treat customers better!

All of these advantages lead to more money for your company through increased sales, lower payroll costs, and better reputation through increased customer service. Have a competent, well-liked manager and your business will prosper.

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