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Entrepreneurs Need to Think Big

Any entrepreneur is a person, by definition, that takes a risk in the business world. So why should you be any different? Think BIG!

What exactly does “think big” mean? Thinking big means that you take into consideration any and all ideas that you feel are too hard, too expensive, too time consuming, or are out of your reach. Why limit yourself by things that you think are easy to obtain? If a project or investment is easy to obtain, this usually translates into a small amount of risk. If a project or investment has only a small amount of risk attached to it, this usually means that the reward will also be small. As an entrepreneur, you should challenge yourself to take a risk and to consider all possibilities regardless of intensity or degree of impossibility.

Keep in mind that thinking big and acting on those thoughts are two very different things. When I tell you to think big, the point is to prevent you from limiting your options before you have even considered the possibilities, advantages, or chance of success. This does not mean that you should blindly follow an idea merely because it is a “big” idea.

Thinking big means accepting all ideas and working through the details until you reach a decision as to your course of action or inaction, if that is the case. Think big, reach for the stars, dream about the impossible, but follow your intuitions, education, and instincts as to a course of action to pursue.

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