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Cash or Credit - Which Should You Use?

As a general rule, you should never buy something with a credit card unless you have the money to pay off the charge. Many people like to buy things on credit (even though they cannot normally afford the item) with the intention that they will pay off the purchase in the long term. This is a mistake because you will end up paying more in interest than you would have had you paid cash.

Another way to use a credit card is as a rewards point builder. First and most obviously, you must have a rewards credit card for this to work. The process is very easy from here. All you do is use your credit card to make specific purchases throughout the billing period. When your bill becomes due, you pay off the entire amount. Obviously, you have to have the money available to pay off the entire monthly amount. Additionally, you must keep very accurate records of your charges in order to ensure that you have enough money on hand to pay off the monthly balance in full. The whole purpose is to build reward points without paying interest on your charges. Keeping accurate records and charging only specific purchases will help you accomplish this goal.

Most people are surprised when they get their monthly bill because they do not realize how much they have spent on food and gasoline. These charges can add up fast. If you are responsible with your credit and keep accurate records, this should not be a problem. How do you know if you are a responsible credit user? Let me put it this way; if you have to ponder whether or not you are a responsible credit user, chances are that you are not. This does not mean that you cannot utilize the rewards points strategy; all this means is that you probably should not purchase food or gas on credit because there is a chance you will charge more than you can afford. If this is the case, you should use cash (or a debit card) for food and gasoline purchases.

Basically, everything comes down to responsibility. If you are responsible, you could use cash and credit interchangeably without worry of getting in over your head. However, responsible or not, always keep accurate records of your credit so that you do not lose track of your spending.

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