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The Effects of Debt on Your Emotional Well Being

I have seen debt cause more stress than most things or problems that people encounter throughout their lives. Debt is an interesting beast. People become so consumed by debt that it is all they think about. Like being told you have a terminal disease and are about to die, people lose sleep, lose their appetite, and let their personal life (including a marriage, children, significant other, and/or friends) suffer because of the constant worry of making next months payments. People actually risk their health with this amount of built up stress.

The good news is, there are ways out of debt. The better news is, once you are out of debt, there are ways to control your debt so that you never have to experience those feelings of worry again (at least not because of debt).

Depending on your situation, cutting costs and balance transfers, consolidation, and bankruptcy all are options to consider. Obviously, some of these options will negatively affect your credit score, but that can be rebuilt. Choosing between your health and your credit score should not be a difficult decision. The point is, you have to take action to change your situation. Stressing out every month at the expense of your health and your personal life is the worst thing you can do. Change this circumstance by doing what is necessary to get out of debt.

Getting out of debt is the primary concern. When you start to notice the decrease in you debt, you will start to feel better. You will notice a relaxing feeling like everything is going to be okay. It is a great feeling, therefore, to maintain this feeling (as far as debt is concerned), you need to manage your debt.

The bottom line is, like always, use credit responsibly. All of these problems could have been avoided had you stepped back and assessed your situation during the debt accumulation process. Control your debt and you will be able to take your life back.

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